Buckhorn Valley KC April AKC Scent Work Trial

April 25, 2018 all-day
Larimer County Fairgrounds (The Ranch) McKee 4-H Building
5280 Arena Cir
Loveland, CO 80538
Carol Pernicka

2018-04-25 BVKC Scored Catalog

CLASSES OFFERED: Novice Container and Novice Interior Elements Only


TRIAL 1:  APRIL 25, 2018 Event # 2018083520

TRIAL 2:  APRIL 25, 2018 Event # 2018083521



ENTRIES WILL OPEN ON March 7, 2018 9:00 AM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE at the Trial Secretary’s address. All entries received before this date will be returned. Overnight or certified mail must be sent with the “No Signature Required” waiver signed.



ENTRIES CLOSE ON April 11, 2018, 6:00 PM MOUNTAIN TIME ZONE after which time entries cannot be accepted, cancelled, altered, or substituted except as provided for in Chapter 11, Section 6 of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows. Envelopes/transactions containing entries for more than the ten (10) dog maximum and/or entries received prior to the opening date shall be treated as an invalid entry and shall be returned to the sender.  If necessary, a draw for a wait list will be held from the remaining entries after limits have been reached.

BVKC Scent_Work_Premium_List

BVKC Scent_Work_Entry Form

2018-04-25 BVKC Judging Program and Trial Information

BVKC SW Show_Judging_Schedule*

(*This document may not reflect wait list changes received after the closing date)

Trial Information:

Thank you for your entry in Buckhorn Valley Kennel Club’s First AKC Scent Work Trial!
We are so excited to be hosting the first Colorado AKC Scent Work Trial! The enthusiasm for this event has been overwhelming! We are so glad you will be a part of this new adventure.
EVENT DATE: April 25, 2018 Please be sure the AKC Number recorded is correct for your dog. Please report any inaccuracies to deb@lookoutk9trials.com
LOCATION: Larimer County Fairgrounds (The Ranch), McKee 4-H Building, 5280 Arena Cr. (I-25 N of Crossroads Blvd), Loveland, CO 80538
CRATING: Please be prepared to crate out of your vehicle, as the event site does not allow for crating. No advance set up time. The site is available during trial hours only. Dogs in vehicles should be crated or sufficiently restrained in the vehicle. They should also have adequate shade, water and ventilation.
TRIAL HOURS: Wednesday, 7:30 am to 30 minutes after the conclusion of judging Check-in from 7:30-8:00 am and throughout day. Trial 1 Handler’s Briefing at 8:00 am, first dog to follow. Trial 2 to begin at the conclusion of Trial 1. 60 Minute lunch break at the judge’s discretion.
RUNNING ORDER: For both trials, the Interior Element will begin with the Novice B Class and be followed by the Novice A Class entries. The Container Element will begin with the Novice A Class entries, and be followed by the Novice B Class entries. Club Member dogs, handled by Workers for the event will run first in each element. The actual schedule may change due wait list changes. Since this is a Novice Only Event, no move ups are accepted.
Entries and Running Order of Classes :
Trial 1: Interior Novice B (25) Interior Novice A (15) Judge Deanna Bunn
Container Novice A (15) Container Novice B (25) Judge Jessica Taylor
Trial 2: Interior Novice B (26) Interior Novice A (14) Judge Jessica Taylor
Container Novice A (14) Container Novice B (26) Judge Deanna Bunn
WAIT LIST: BUCKHORN VALLEY KENNEL CLUB is offering a wait list to fill openings created by withdrawn entries after the trial’s closing date/time. A maximum of 20 entries per day/per trial will be placed on the club’s wait list. All entries, including wait listed entries, must be received by the Trial Secretary prior to April 11, 2018. If a withdrawn entry is replaced by a wait listed entry, a full refund will be issued for the withdrawn entry. Any wait listed entry that does not move off the wait list into the trial will receive a
full refund. The wait list period expires April 20, 2018, 5 PM. At this time, any remaining wait listed dogs will be dropped from the trial entry list, and funds shredded or refunded.
DIRECTIONS: 5280 Arena Cir, Loveland, CO 8538
From I-25- Take Exit 259 (E Crossroads Blvd). Continue East of Crossroads Blvd for 4/10 mile. Turn left (north) onto N Fairgrounds Ave (1/2 mile). Turn left onto Arena Cir (1/10 mile). McKee 4-H Building will be on your right (3/10 mile)

CHECK IN: Check-In will begin at 7:30 AM, and continue throughout the event. Armband stickers should be picked up at that time.
STAGING AREA will be out of view of search area(s). Staging area will include a warm-up and waiting area, as well as the secretary table for check-ins and posting of running order and results. Crating will NOT be available in this area.
The HANDLER’S BRIEFING will take place in view of the search area prior to the start of each class, after the hide(s) have been set and after the Demo Dog has run. In the Handler’s Briefing the judge will explain if there’s an off-leash option, number of hides, maximum height of hides and maximum time for the search. Judges will also provide any spectator information during the briefing.
NO DOGS are to be present during the Handler’s Briefing.
If entries allow enough space, a warm-up area will be available consisting of ONE container of Birch and may also consist of blanks containers. Exhibitors should limit their warm-up to (2) two minutes or less. The warm-up area is to be used exclusively for warming up the handler-dog team prior their run. The warm-up area is not for training or relieving of the dog. Judges will give direction for this in their briefing.
Trial 2 will begin after the conclusion of the first trial, at the Judges direction.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: VETERINARIAN ON CALL– Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists 4120 Clydesdale Pkwy, Loveland, CO 80538 * 970 800-1106 * http://www.4seasonsvetspecialists.com/
Directions: (3 minutes, 1.2 miles) Head south on S County Road 5 for 0.5 miles. Turn right onto E Cross Roads Blvd and go 0.3 miles. Turn left onto Clydesdale Parkway. Turn left at first opportunity. Clinic is on the right.
EMERGENCY SERVICES Fire/ Ambulance/Police- Larimer County 911 LOCAL HOSPITAL – Medical Center of the Rockies, 2500 Rocky Mountain Ave, Loveland, CO (2.8mi)
FOOD: There will not be any food or beverages available at the event. Drinking fountain and restrooms are available. Food establishments are nearby, and you are welcome to bring your own food and beverage.

AKC Scent Work Rules and Regulations are available at http://www.akc.org/sports/akc-scent-work/

If you have questions:
Chairman Carol Pernicka (cpernick23@gmail.com)
Secretary Deb Lewis (deb@lookoutk9trials.com)
Most important, have fun and enjoy the event!