Mile-Hi Golden Retriever Club (MHGRC) July AKC Agility

July 3, 2020 – July 5, 2020 all-day
Douglas County Fairgrounds
Douglas County Fairgrounds
500 Fairgrounds Road, Castle Rock, CO 80104
Vendors: Mardee Kayser

Registration Dates: May 6-June 17, 2020
Selection: First Received
Online Entries Available:  Yes –

How to enter a trial using the AKC Online Entry portal

Venue: Indoor
Grounds: Dirt

Classes: STD, Premier STD, JWW, Premier JWW

Breeds: AKC Registered Breeds and Dogs enrolled in the AKC Canine Partners Program

2020-07-03 MHGRC Premium List REVISED

2020 MHGRC Entry Form REVISED


We are making revisions with the assumption that we will be limited to having 50 people in the building at any time.  Of course, all of our plans hinge on the hope that the indoor arena at Douglas County Fairgrounds will be open.  If it isn’t open, we will again need to cancel at the last minute.  I would like to start out by saying that neither I or Mile Hi Golden Retriever Club or Douglas County Fairgrounds can guarantee your safety and good health.  But we are making lots of adjustments to try to make it as safe as possible.  I realize that some of these adjustments will be too much for some people, and not enough for others.  My explanation that follows is how we intend to run this trial, and then it’s up to you to decide if this trial is right for you to enter, or if it would be better for you to pass.  That being said, we’d love to see you but realize that everyone needs to make their own decision on what is best for you.  If the event must be canceled, entry checks will be shredded and online entries directly refunded by AKC.

We are going to limit entries to 300 runs per day.  We are going to have 2 rings, but only one judge.  We will not be offering Time to Beat or Fast.  On Friday and Saturday we will offer Standard, Jumpers, and both Premier classes.  Sunday will be Standard and Jumpers only. Friday and Sunday will be small to tall and Saturday will be Tall to small.  We will start the day with Novice – they will run the Standard course, then move to Jumpers, when they are done they should leave.  Then Open walks/runs both rings, then each jump height in Master/Excellent.  At the end of the day both Premier classes will run.  When entries close, we will put together a schedule of when the walks for each class will start.  The classes will not start before that time, so don’t show up ahead of schedule because you will not be allowed in the building unless you are working.   If you have dogs in different classes, we will try to accommodate your need to wait inside.  This will depend on whether we are mandated to have 50 people or fewer in the building.  If it’s possible, you should spread yourselves out in the stands at least 4 rows back so you don’t interfere with people who are in the classes that are running.  This also applies to people who are staying to run Premier.  We hope that you can wait in the building, but we can’t guarantee it. You’re your class or jump height is done, you will need to leave unless you are working the next class.  We will post results outside.  We will not be handing out the yellow copies of your score sheet.

Basic Logistics:  We are going to use flexible fencing instead of the metal people panels.  We will not be lining the rings with the painter’s paper as usual.  Since we won’t be putting up the paper, there will be no crating along the back wall.  We will probably need to limit the crating along the front wall as well, but I don’t have a plan yet.  Since we are limiting runs, and some may prefer to crate in their vehicles, there should be plenty of crating space.  We will not be offering food – neither a food vendor nor snacks/water.  Please bring your own.  We will also not have vendors at this trial.

We will require you to wear masks during your walk thru and while walking around the arena.  We won’t require masks while you are waiting to go in the ring or while running your dog.  Social distancing please! The club will have hand sanitizer available.  We will periodically disinfect door handles, but please don’t rely on this.  WASH YOUR HANDS

Workers:  We still will really need your help to staff the rings.  It would be really helpful if you sign up to work both the standard and jumpers class right before or after the class you are entered in.  And of course there is a special place in heaven for those of you who will stay and help us tear down.  You will get at least a $10 workers voucher and a chance at 2 free runs at the next trial.  We will limit the number of people who come for set-up.  That will also be by sign-up.  Since we shouldn’t have conflicts, we will only have a Scribe and Timer at the table.  Please wear masks unless you both agree not to. We will have disinfectant and paper towels available to clean off the table between classes.  We will bring an x-pen to put around the gate steward so we all remember to stay back.  The club will provide disposable gloves for all workers and a reacher for the leash runner.  Since people are well distanced from the jump setters, masks are at your option, but please wear the disposable gloves.  There may be additional requirements that we have not yet considered, but this should give you a good idea of how the trial will look.

Wow!  Too many rules, but we really do just want to provide as safe of an environment as possible while still getting out to play with our dogs.  I for one have really missed our trials.                …Kathy Janda, Trial Chair